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Aaron Walker

Guitar, Ukulele, Bass
Wed - Thu, Sat - Sun
Photo of Aaron Walker - Castle Rock Music instructor of: Guitar, Ukulele, Bass

Aaron has been teaching guitar for over two decades. He recognizes everyone's musical goals are as different as the individual themselves. He strives to help students, of any age and ability, reach their goals in a personal and engaging way. Aaron is passionate about sharing his love of music with others, and recognizes there is no one-size-fits-all approach to learning music. He believes personal instruction should be tailored to the student.

After spending his 20s and 30s performing in bands spanning from pop, rock, funk, and corporate bands, as well as countless recording sessions, Aaron returned to school to focus on music theory and earned a degree in music and certification in audio technology.

Aaron can still be found performing on stage, in the studio, behind the mixing console, and coaching a local pop/rock ensembles. Whatever your musical goals are, Aaron is here to help.

Favorite genres
I enjoy playing all genres. I find I often learn the most from genres I may not be immediately drawn to. By isolating ourselves into specific genres
we dig ourselves into ruts
and it can be difficult to transcend musically.
Favorite non-music activitys
Musical inspirations
Steve Vai
Paul Simon
Bele Fleck
John Scofield
Guthrie Govan
Frank Zappa
Jim Hall
Favorite places in Colorados
Outside of Buena Vista
Soiled Dove Underground
30 years
Favorite genre
I enjoy playing all genres. I find I often learn the most from genres I may not be immediately drawn to. By isolating ourselves into specific genres
Musical inspiration
Steve Vai

Will Faber

Guitar, Ukulele, Piano
Mon, Thu - Fri
Photo of Will Faber - Castle Rock Music instructor of: Guitar, Ukulele, Piano

Will received his Bachelor in the Arts in Music from Metropolitan State University of Denver. He has been playing guitar for 17 years, and piano for 10 years. In the past 3 years, he has been giving music lessons to students in Colorado. He has experience playing classical, acoustic, and electric guitar and is well-versed in classical, folk, rock, jazz, and blues. He teaches the ukulele and the piano at a beginner/intermediate level.

Will's goal is to have his students succeed and thrive playing the music they've always wanted to play, or to create the music they've always wanted to create. Will believes it's better to learn in simple steps, and always aims to make the lesson engaging and fun.

Bachelor's Degree
Music Performance
Metropolitan State University of Denver
Favorite genres
Folk Funk
Favorite non-music activity
Musical inspirations
Al Green
The Beatles
Bob Dylan
Charles Mingus
Claude Debussy
Danny Elfman
David Grohl
Doc Watson
Edward Greig
Elton John
Eric Clapton
Fernando Sor
Francisco Tarrega
Frederick Chopin
Hans Zimmer
Herbie Hancock
Isaac Albeniz
Jimmy Hendrix
Jimmy Page
Johannes Brahms
John Lee Hooker
Lindsey Buckingham
Ludwig Von Beethoven
Mark Knopfler
Neil Young
Paul Simon
Pyotr Tchaikovsky
Ray Charles
Sergei Rachmaninoff
Stevie Wonder
Steve Vai
Thom Yorke
Favorite places in Colorado
Breckenridge Summit
10 years
Bachelor's Degree
Music Performance
Musical inspiration
Al Green

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